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Essie natural nails

Beautiful nails are not born...they are carefully cultivated. Beautiful nails are a must to give a woman a complete look of grace and charm. Your hands are an expression of who you are and without proper maintenance can look unkempt and much older. By using a blend of vitamins, minerals and essential oils, the Essie manicure revitalises and exfoliates the hands and nails, whilst the facial quality moisturiser hydrates and restores elasticity to the skin and promotes healthier, stronger nails.

Essie manicure
Essie manicure with enamel
Luxury Essie manicure with paraffin wax
Express manicure (file and polish)
French manicure

Bio Sculpture Gel/Essie Gel

The non-chip, non-smudge nail varnish. Suitable for hands and feet, the natural nail gel overlay looks just like a polish but is applied in a gel form and cured under a UV lamp. The gel is hard wearing and chip proof lasting between 2 and 3 weeks. Bio Sculpture gel makes nails beautiful, strong and flexible.

Price per set
Price per set including soak
Soak and tidy treatment
Buy a course of 5 and receive 1 treatment free

Essie Pedicure

You are invited to experience Essie, a sophisticated state-of-the-art pedicure system designed for total comfort and well being. Feet are a very important part of your body, they support your every move. You rely on them to take you where you want to go, they showcase your most elegant shoes. Yet when we face facts, the bare foot suffers from neglect and lack of care. Not only does Essie deep cleanse and exfoliate dry, dull skin cells, it works to rejuvenate skin to a healthier and softer condition and will awaken and renew your senses.

Essie pedicure
Essie pedicure with enamel
Luxury Essie pedicure with paraffin wax
Express pedicure (nail tidy and polish)
French pedicure

Heavenly Hands
Take time out and indulge in an Essie manicure with enamel and while your polish is drying, we will give your face a skin treat to make you feel pampered.

Perfect Pinkies
Treat yourself to a blissful Essie pedicure with enamel for those tired, neglected feet and enjoy a mini facial whilst the enamel is drying.
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